Thursday, December 29, 2005

I don't go with good looking girls but I prefer neat and presentable one.
I hate flirts but i do play with them sometimes.
I can like a lass in a second and forget her for a lifetime.
I may spend a day flirting with other girls but the girl i truly love and i care about is my last thought before going to sleep.
When I like a girl, i disregard all her bad traits.
I go crazy when my crush's smile.
I will do anything just to catch the attention of my crush.
I hate when my girl talks about her ex.
I want to meet my girl's parents.
I do cry of losing a girl I truly love.
Don't provoke me to heat up coz, i really do!
I don't dream and hope too much.
I always have the effort to patch things out when prob comes.
Giving me a hanging message like "You know what?!..Uhh..Nevermind" would make me speculate an idea far from what you think.
I go crazy when my girl holds my hand.
I am a good flatterer when courting but I usually stammer when talking to the girl i truly love.
I cant lay down the card for you when i utter a prolong "umm".
I really love my mom so much.
I would sacrifice my weekly allowance just to have dinner with my girl.
I often think with the girl who loves me but it doesnt really mean that I also love her.
You can never understand me unless you listen to me.
If i tell you "i love you once in a lifetime",I really do!
I make gossips.
I got mad when my wardrobe got tarnished.
I love girls with brains more thatn girls with mini skirts,however BRAINS+BEAUTY=BEST.
My fantasies are unlimited.
Height doesnt matter but weights does.
I tend to get serious with my relationship and become too possessive.
I always pray to GOD almighty to guide my lovelife.